Songs of Salimon


Are you dancing around him
Like a creeping plant
That twines on any available innocent stake?
Are you with him because of his swollen wallet?
Or are you his wingless guardian angel
From Delilah’s ancestry, with meek eyes
But right in your heart, your plan is gloomy;
You’re on a mission to shave his long hairs?

Are you her lord, lording over her thighs
Because at your will, like a burglar
You visit her farmland of pleasure;
You cultivate her, ten rounds a day
While she painfully yearns
For more of your sweet tortures
But when that thick water
You poured into her farmland
Has aided the germination of her seed,
You give her a stern look;
You coerce her to terminate the fragile seedling?

Are you together as partners in love or partners in lust?
Are you mingling to worship your God or your bodies?
Are you flying in the airplane of love like blind co-pilots
That will land-crash into the abyss on the last day?

Let Christ be the epicenter of your romance;
Let Him be the first and the last in your pleasures
Else, you’ve dug a hole
Your future tears can’t fill!

Francis Onwuchuruba, 2019

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Life’s twisted sense of humor

Things aren’t always as they seem…

A person placed in a position may not be the most qualified

The sweetest edible item may not be the most nutritious

The most painful words may sadly be the truth

And the friend of your childhood can become your greatest enemy

Life can surprise you in ways unexpected


What do all these things have in common?

They all bring about uncertainty and insecurity.

Learn from the past, enjoy the present, and live for the future!

However, because God is on the throne, we can be rest assured we will have the last laugh.

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Unapologetically me

Your strength might intimidate the weak

Your weakness might irritate the strong

Your outspokenness might annoy the reserved

Your silence may drive the outspoken nuts

Your beauty makes some feel insecure

Your intelligence makes some feel dumb

Your nonchalance makes those that care, to feel bad

Your indecisiveness might upset the decisive

Your laughter ridicules the sad

Your sadness becomes a thing of pity for the happy

Your success stirs up the envious

Your failure upsets those looking up to you

No matter what you do in life…there would always be people trying to drag you down to their level in order to feel more comfortable with themselves. No matter how well you do, you will still find someone who can point out a flaw.

God made us different in order for us to compliment each other as various parts of the body function as one to become a whole being. None is more important than the other

Until you learn to discover yourself in and through Christ and love who he made you to be, you will continually be phased and controlled by the opinion of others. However, some advice from people should be considered, but what matters most is what God thinks.

Stop feeling insecure and worried that you are less than. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine! For those who can’t handle it, tell them to get sunglasses and say ” I’m unapologetically me!”

Appreciation/ Acknowledgement Sunday πŸ’ƒπŸΎ

Several petals make a rose…

Various branches make a tree…

Most of our days, we’re just going through the motions, missing the very things that are placed in front of us, causing the cycle to become the new norm of “How are you” replied with “I’m fine” when really, you are screaming for someone to save you from yourself in despair.

We have failed to become sensitive to the very core of our existence and have failed to become “our brothers’ keepers”. We purposely or unintentionally make our fellow man feel that it is wrong to display any sign of weakness and one has to be strong enough to lead to handle their problems on their own. But we forget that there is something called individual differences and people have different volumes of crap that they can take. Using one person’s ability to measure another’s is ridiculous.

The church that is meant to be the spiritual hospital for sinners has now become the judicial branch in which people are tried and cast away for their wrongdoings. This creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels alone and no one has a hand to support them in fighting the battle against their flesh.

Sometimes all one needs is a sweet smile to brighten up their day or a listening ear to ” half solve their problem”. Be conscious and sensitive of your environment and those that dwell in it.

Appreciate and pay attention to those you can now before it’s too late!

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‘It gets easier when your hair starts turning gray,’ they say 

Maybe they expect the lies to smoothen our pain

And cause us to anticipate roses ahead

Despite their failures to rightfully place us on track 

For the more difficult future awaiting our eyes

Which in a way would’ve been easier

If looking at it from a consecutive point of view.

Life is a ladder of endless height:

Your decision is the fuel propelling you

Either forward or backward, the choice is yours.

But when you climb step 1 

And see step 2 already smiling at your eyes

Doesn’t mean that 2 is easier than 1

However, we may catch our step if we slip

Other times we break our legs

But do you want to break your legs

And find yourself gnashing teeth at the base? 

Just jump to step 2 because step 1 is irrelevant

And you’ll realize you’ve doomed yourself

For every step is as relevant as your breath. 

Step one….

The beginning 

A start

Something new

Initial of a lifelong cycle called life.

Change as we know is constant

So decision is a continuum in life:

Not just a one time, or a step thing;

It’s in a constant motion like the clock

So…πŸ€“what is it going to be?

Now that we have beaten them in their game of making reality less than it is…

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Fish loveπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

By: Abraham Twerski

An old man asked a young man

“What are you eating” 

The young man replied 

“Fish…I love fish!”

The old man said,

“You love the fish and you killed it boiled it and ate it.”

 The old man added, 

“No you don’t love the fish. You love yourself.”

The author of this writeup as adapted by me explained that most times, humans love with fish love. We use each other as a vehicle for self gratification. We love what we can get from the other person. 

Most times we “love” someone because they can sexually or emotionally satisfy us. The because makes that “love” conditional. The satisfaction derived from the individual is to our benefit…which in a way is very SELFISH.

“You dont give because you love, you love the one you give” the author explained. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the statement. 

True love is more about giving than receiving. Jesus was the ultimate example by giving up his life for us #Eastervibe. You best believe it!😊

We all need to examine what “love” is to us. Maybe we are deceived by fish love or deceiving others by such.

Hear ye…hear ye…